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The DFA hosts robust programming and events throughout the year—both virtual and in-person.  Timely topics are selected with the goal of educating and inspiring our members to spark meaningful conversations about evolving and advancing business practices and support the growth of the industry as a whole.

DFA Presents: "The Futurists"
A Special Series of One-on-One Conversations with Change Agents in the World of Luxury Home Design 

Thursday, March 18th

Stephane Silverman Presents "The Futurists"






Trade  Exclusive vs. Trade Preferred: Examining the Future of “To-the-Trade” 

On Friday, May 7th, DFA VP Meredith Xavier welcomed F. Schumacher & Co. CEO and President Timur Yumusaklar for the latest installment in this exciting virtual series featuring innovators in our industry. Timur and Meredith discussed creative strategies to grow your business, ideas for how the industry can - and needs to - evolve, and why brands must take a long-term approach now in order to remain competitive.

DFA members may access the recording by logging into the content portal. 

On Thursday, March 18th, DFA president Stephane Silverman will launch a new virtual series. Entitled “The Futurists,” DFA will host one-on-one conversations with innovators in the world of luxury design.  The series kicks off with SANDOW Companies’ founder and chairman Adam Sandow to discuss his ideas about the future of the luxury design industry.

Additional topics that will be explored in future presentations and panel discussions include:

  • The Future of Home: Insights + Implications for the Design Trade

  • The Growing Importance of Sustainability + Wellness in Home Design

  • What’s the Definition of “Social” Moving Forward?

  • The Future of Trade Shows

  • Beyond Our Borders:  International Trends in Home + Design 

  • Man v. Machine: Fine Craftsmanship in a Digital Universe 

  • The Power of Pinterest and TikTok 

  • Ethical Practices in Luxury Home Design

  • Diversity in Design

  • ·Sales Training

  • Supply Chain Issues

  • Hiring Practices + WFH in a (post) COVID Economy

DFA’s 2021 programming lineup kicked off on Thursday, February 11th with a panel discussion moderated by Business of Home’s Executive Editor Fred Nicolaus.


Fred explored the topic of Trade  Exclusive vs. Trade Preferred: Examining the Future of “To-the-Trade” with an esteemed panel including Chad Stark, CEO STARK; Lynsey Humphrey, CEO, SideDoor; and Michel Boyd, principal, Michel Smith Boyd Interiors.


If you were unable to join the Trade Exclusive vs. Trade Preferred virtual panel live, click here to view a recording of the discussion. 

DFA’s robust programming bring forth the industry’s leading voices to educate, share innovative new approaches and challenge us to think differently.

 - Beth McDonough, Co-founder + Principal, HERON Brand Design