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About the DFA


Gracie Studio

The Decorative Furnishings Association (DFA) is the oldest trade organization in the luxury design industry. Founded in 1934 to bring leading design and décor stakeholders together, the DFA has always been committed to fostering meaning conversations and enacting changes designed to strengthen the industry as a whole. 


Now more than ever, DFA is committed to the health, growth, and future vitality of the interior design industry.  We believe in supporting the trade by bringing together industry partners to:

  1. Share best practices, industry insights and new resources through educational and inspirational presentations from leading experts in home design and beyond. 

  2. Inform trade members about the ever-evolving business environment created by technology, changing consumer preferences, advancements in sustainability, and unforeseen events like COVID-19.

  3. Educate consumers about the benefits of working with a design professional, and how to access their services to enhance one’s lifestyle. 

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