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The Decorative Furnishings Association is committed to the health, growth, and future of interior design.
We believe in supporting the trade by utilizing industry partners to:
1. Educate business owners on best practices through inspirational events
2. Inform trade members about the new business environment created by technology, the web, and changing consumer preferences
3. Increase consumer awareness of and access to professional design services


The last two years have seen a dramatic shift in our perception of technology’s impact on the Interior Design industry. What was once seen with trepidation and resistance is now embraced with optimism and hopeful anticipation  The DFA has brought together its highly influential roster of members to finally face this challenge head-on. Now that we have found common ground in a future inclusive of technology, our mission is to help facilitate the first steps of digital on-boarding for all stakeholders: from vendors and brands, to 3rd party showrooms, and entire design centers.  This crucial process will ensure the long-term success of integrating an effective omni-channel strategy that will grow our industry.  
After traveling the country and speaking with designers, artisans, and showrooms, I have never been more excited about what the future has in store.  Our industry has the most to gain from digital disruption – utilizing new tools to communicate and listen to what our customers want, bolstering customer service with more efficient information and response time, and creating a stronger design experience that is integrated across all of our channels. We can finally create the beginnings of brand aspiration for our end consumers, while helping Interior Designers promote their skills and services at the same time. 
The DFA is the most effective platform for you to have a seat at the table that will help define what our industry looks like for the next generation. I hope to hear from you – come join and share your voice with your industry peers and leaders.
Eric Chang
DFA President
Co-Founder, Hellman-Chang