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MOVING FORWARD: Preparing Your Business for the Un-Pause

The design industry, like many others, will experience long-term change because of COVID-19. Join ThinkLab as we proactively begin to imagine the design industry post-pause. This FREE digital seminar will share highlights of real-time data indicating how the industry has been affected already, cover aggregated economic information (translated for our right-brained crowd), and define possible timing for the “un-pause.”


This webinar also will preview a new workshop for our product partners that covers our biggest opportunities for disruption and forecasts how our industry may look coming out of this.

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Standing with the Black Community​



1. Screengrab or download the above graphic
2. Post to your Instagram feed
3. Use tags #bidnally and #dfamember so we can track engagement

Suggested caption language (if you need it): 
We stand with the@blackinteriordesignersnetwork and encourage our peers to do the same. we are stronger together. please visit the bidn site to take immediate action and give to the donation fund. #bidnally #dfamember

Thank you for your support with this important cause! 

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